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Winsen Electronics Technology

Zhengzhou Winsen Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the professional manufacturers specialized in the R&D and mass production of gas sensor and module, and other sensors as PIR sensor, flow sensor, humidity sensor, instrument and equipment for gas sensors.

  • Gas sensor and module
  • PIR sensor
  • Flow sensor
  • Humidity sensor
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Our Advantages


Annually supplying over 15,000,000pcs gas sensor & modules worldwide


Chinese Stock market listed company since 2009


15 production lines; over 400 sets of production and detection equipment; over 30000m2 factory.

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ZPH01 Particles Sensor-Manual

ZPH01 Particles Sensor-Manual

This sensor adopts advanced PM2.5 detection technology to detect PM2.5. PM2.5 detection adopts particle counting principle to detect the particles (diameter ≥1μm).

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WPAH01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor

WPAH01 Ceramic Pressure Sensor

WPAH01 ceramic pressure sensor adopts ceramic base, made into ceramic piezoresistance pressure sensor with thick-film technology. It’s size Φ18mm*6.35mm. Ceramic is a kind of material with high elast

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ME2-C2H5OH-13x13 Alcohol sensor

ME2-C2H5OH-13x13 Alcohol sensor

ME2-C2H5OH-13×13 electrochemical sensor detect alcohol gas concentration by measuring current based on the electrochemical principle, which utilizes the electrochemical oxidation process of target ga

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MD62 Thermal Conductor CO2 Gas Sensor

MD62 Thermal Conductor CO2 Gas Sensor

Winsen Electronics produces CO2 gas sensor MD62, using thermal conductor working principle for industrial spot CO2 detection.

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Electrochemical CO Module ZE03-CO For Industrial Use

Electrochemical CO Module ZE03-CO For Industrial Use

ZE03 is a general-purpose and high-performance electrochemical module. It uses three electrodes, electrochemical gas sensor and high-performance micro-processor. By installing different gas sensor, t

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RD-623 Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor/ PIR Motion Sensor

RD-623 Pyroelectric Infrared Sensor/ PIR Motion Sensor

Winsen Electronics, develops and manufactures pir motion sensor, human body induction sensors for lighting and home safety field by using the temperature-dependent feature.

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Winsen Electronics, research and produce air quality monitoring gas sensor for home and office air cleaners, and fresh air system.
Winsen Electronics, produces Carbon monoxide sensor|CO gas sensor, with low cost and fuel cell working principle.
Winsen Electronics manufacture air quality sensor and VOC sensor MQ138 for IAQ monitor application.
Winsen Electronics, as a professional gas sensing solution provider with over 30 years gas sensor manufacture experience, offers Ozone O3 gas sensor.
Winsen Electronics, produces sulphur dioxide/SO2 gas sensor, by measuring current based on the electrochemical principle, for industrial use.
ZS03 temperature and humidity sensor module, is digital type of temperature and humidity sensor. It employs polymer resistance-type moisture sensor and NTC, and connects to a 8-byte SCM with good performance. It has advantages of high quality, quick response, strong anti-interference &etc.