Bruno Vansina

Vansina Quartet
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04.02.2018Vansina Quartet

Every month, Bruno Vansina, Cyrille Obermüller, Kobe Proesmans and Teun Verbruggen take their instruments to a special and unexpected place. The challenge: playing together with the location, reflecting on its vibe, the season, the people present. They just released there first video #1 WALTER, recorded the 17th of January 2018.

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03.02.2018Orchestra Exotica speelt in RATAPLAN

Zaterdag, 3 februari om 20:00 in RATAPLAN / Borgerhout.

Een onvergetelijke avond vol exotische muziek. Kom zeker kijken!

Met vriendelijke groeten, Bruno Vansina.

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28.08.2017CD Release: plays Martin Denny

CD out now!

Plays Martin Denny

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21.06.2017Orchestra Exotica


Martin Denny relived by Bruno Vansina and Pierre Vervloesem
Bruno Vansina was inspired by the famous exotica of Martin Denny and Les Baxter for a children’s play (MaiTé, het meisje en de vogel). His compositions, rearranged by colleague Pierre Vervloesem, remained true to the originals, but have a very contemporary feel to them as well, and soon started to lead a life of their own. This resulted in a new band – the 7-piece Orchestra Exotica – that performs the playful and multicolored music of Denny and Baxter with a healthy dose of humor, cunning craft and an infectious drive.

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15.03.2017NEW CD OUT NOW!
St. Cecilia by the VVG trio

St. Cecilia
New cd out now!
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Recorded way back in 2008 and now finaly released, some beautifull free impro's by the Vansina-Verbruggen-Gudmundsson trio.

08.10.2017Bruno Vansina Orchestra: Lokerse Jazzklub

Als kort na een concert mensen via sociale media spontaan hun waardering voor een groep laten blijken, dan moet er iets bijzonders gebeurd zijn. Het Bruno Vansina Orchestra in de Lokerse Jazzklub was dan ook zo een concert waar alles in de juiste plooi viel: een meer dan goed gevulde club, een orkest dat hongerig was om in een deels vernieuwde bezetting aan de slag te gaan en een minimale geluidsversterking waardoor de muziek een bijna fysieke impact kreeg.

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25.02.2015Het Serpent/The Serpent, W-O-L-K-E, BANG!FESTIVAL

Vansina Orchestra

As a child, Vansina became fascinated by a phantasmagoria of his grandfather. Years later, he made a play for the school of his own children. As an accompaniment, he used 'Exotica' by Martin Denny. The combination of the phantasmagoria and Martin Denny's exotic sounds created a magical and strange atmosphere. It gave Vansina the desire to elaborate this phantasmagoria to a full show with live music. Vansina however did not want to copy the music -the original is far too beautiful - and he asked his old friend and colleague Pierre Vervloesem, who has a great fascination for exotica genre, to update the music. The play is basically divided into short scenes that have been accurately put to the music as happens in film (the music of Martin Denny consists of songs of about 3 minutes maximum). Often the music gave them the reason to invent characters and events. Shadow and music are closely linked. Does the music accompany the shadows or is it vice versa, as a kind of video? Both perspectives or interpretations are possible. The two have the same importance and move together in an exotic dance.

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